CBSE Term-1 Board- Science Sample Paper Class 10 2021-2022 | How to Solve Sample Papers at the Last Moment?

Hello Everyone!!! Welcome to our website. I know you are here for Science Sample Paper Class 10 2021. As the CBSE Term-1 exam is going to start on 30.11.2021, everyone must be tensed what to do. I was tense too even though my preparation was good enough to score well. I can understand the pain of a lot of students

CBSE Term-1 Board- Social Science Sample Paper Class 10 2021-2022

First, It was decided to conduct the exam in the online form but later, CBSE Board members changed their decision to conduct exams in offline mode. There was a lot of criticism of students regarding conducting offline board exams but still, they finalized the decision

Well, today’s topic is not about complaining about CBSE, it is about Science Sample Paper Class 10 2021-2022, and as you know CBSE has recently changed its exam pattern. According to the new pattern, Exams will be conducted with 2 terms with a revised syllabus and pattern

Note: Exam duration of term-1 will be around 90 minutes and offline mode. Term-1 will have MCQ based question paper. MCQ-based questions themselves are divided into different categories such as case-based MCQs and MCQs on the assertion-reasoning type.

If we talk about the Term-1 syllabus of Science then you all must know about it but still for clarification, we have added the chapters and course structure of science(for term 1) Below:

Course Structure for Science Sample Paper Class 10

INatural Phenomena: Chapter 10 and 1114
IIWorld of Living: Chapter 610
IIIChemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour: Chapters 1,2 and 316
Total Theory Mark40
Internal Assessment10

Term-1 Syllabus of Science Class 10th

Unit 1: Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour:
Chemical reactions and equations(Chapter -1)
Acids, Bases, and Salts(Chapter -2)
Metals and non – metals(Chapter -3)
Unit 2: World of Living:
Life processes(Chapter-6)
Unit 3: Natural Phenomena:
Light – Reflection and Refraction(Chapter-10)
Human eye and colourful world(Chapter-11)
Total Chapters-

So above table shows you the chapters that are going to come in the exam. We have talked about the syllabus and course structure, now let us talk about the sample papers that you should practice

Academic YearSample Question paperMarking Scheme
Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2021-2022Click here to DownloadClick Here
Class X Science Sample Paper 2020-2021Click here to DownloadClick Here
Class X Science Sample Paper 2019-2020Click here to DownloadClick Here
Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2018-2019Click here to DownloadClick Here
Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2017-2018Click here to DownloadClick Here
Science Sample Paper Class 10 2016-2017 (SET-2)Click here to DownloadClick Here
Science Sample Paper Class 10 2015-2016 (SET-2)Click here to DownloadClick Here
Science Sample Paper Class 10 2014-2015Click here to DownloadClick Here
Science Sample Paper Class 10 2013-2014Click here to DownloadClick Here

We have not found Sample papers of some Academic Years but whenever we found those sample papers, we will update them. I recommend you solve Science Sample Paper Class 10 2021-2022 first as it has MCQ questions(According to the new pattern).

How To Solve Science Sample Paper 2021-2022 at Last Moment

Solving a Sample Paper is not an easy job. Many Students just practice questions from sample papers that they find difficult but that is not the right way to solve sample papers. Now, you can ask me, “Who the hell are you to guide me?” Well, that is a good question. I scored 96.4% in class 10th board(Academic Year 2018-2019). That is why I think of myself worthy enough to share some of my Study tips and tricks for the Class 10th exam that I followed while practicing Sample Papers during the last dates

I was also an average student, I scored 74% in Class 8th but I improved myself. The thing that most helped me is Sample Papers. So I have written some bullet points that I think you should follow to before solving sample papers

  • Solve Sample Papers After Completing the Syllabus– I know it is a silly tip😒, If you are here then you must have completed all your syllabus. But still, It is my duty to remind some things. Reason why I said this is if you have not completed the course and still try to solve the sample paper, you may feel demotivated. You have not completed full course so you may not solve the problems of the chapters you missed. So you may feel demotivated as you will not be able to solve those problems. So only go for sample papers if you have completed the full course
  • 1st Solve new sample papers: CBSE has changed the pattern of exam. So it is obvious that you should solve Science Sample Paper Class 10 2021-2022. After solving it, you can also try to solve sample papers of different publications. If you have not attempted even single sample paper and you have very very less time then try to solve at least official Class 10 S.Sc sample papers of academic year 2021-2022
  • Solve Sample Papers Like you are really giving an Exam: You need to have practice before sitting in exam. There are many students who get panic when they see question paper. It is because they have never practised any sample paper. You have to make such environment in home that you are giving real exam. Like You have to sit continously for 90 mins(Just like in Exam) and try to solve the paper in time. It has 3 major benefit
    1. You will know how to react, write, use time in real exam
    2. You can examine if you can complete the paper within 90 minutes or not
    3. You can analyze which chapter was difficult for you and why you took so long answer a single question
  • After solving the sample papers, you need to revise everything about science 1 day before exam. It will help you retain everything what you have learned

Wrapping it Up- Class 10 science sample paper 2021

These were some tips that I followed before giving any exam. The above tips are not only for Science, but you can also try this for any subject whether it is Math, Science or English.

Additional Tips: As I said, do not panic in exams!! If you have attempted sample papers then you most probably won’t be scared but those who are not able to solve sample papers, do not panic!! If you panic during exam duration then you will not write an answer sheet with full potential.

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