CBSE Maths Answer Key Class 10 2021 Term 1 | Math | Check if your Answers are Correct or Not

CBSE Maths exam has been conducted successfully through the offline OMR-based pen-and-paper format for class 10th students. Many students came out of the exam center happy while some were disappointed. Well, you cannot decide your answer is correct or not until you check the CBSE Maths Answer Key Class 10 2021 Term 1. That is why we have brought you the CBSE Maths answer key so that you can check your answers carefully.

CBSE Maths Answer Key Class 10 2021 Term 1

Even though CBSE has not uploaded official Answer Keys of Maths class 10 but still our team and some teachers on the internet managed to solve answers to the questions. So we have prepared a CBSE Maths answer key that will help you to check your answer. Note that it is not the final(Official) maths answer key class 10 2021. Official Answer Key is yet to be announced. That is why you may find some differences in the Answer Key of Maths Term 1 prepared by Official CBSE and the Class 10 Maths Answer Key prepared by Experts.

Students who are curious to know if their answers are correct or not then they can check the CBSE Maths answer key prepared by experts. The Maths Standard paper contained 60 questions and was divided into 4 sections. Out of 50 questions, students need to answer a total of 40 questions for 40 marks(Total Marks)

What is Answer Key of Maths Term 1?

if you are a student then you must know what Answer Key is. But I think there are many students who do not understand what the answer key actually is. It is obvious that every question has an answer. The team that creates MCQs/Subjective questions also save answer to those questions. After the exam gets over, they publish the answer key on their official website. The answer key can be considered as the correct answer provided by the question, but it may or may not be the only acceptable answer.

You can think of CBSE Maths questions as the Lock and Answers as key. You use the CBSE Maths answer key to unlock(Solve) the problem/question. Answer key is provided by many Boards/institutes/exams that conduct subjective/MCQ exams. CBSE will officially publish the answer key of all subjects but it may take some time. Students all over India are curious to know if their answer is correct or not. As CBSE takes time to publish the Answer Key, we provide you with the answer key provided by some experts in that particular subject.

How Was The Maths Paper According to Students?

To be honest, you cannot say if a CBSE subject exam paper is easy or not as different students have different opinions. I have personally met many students in different exam centers of different exams. I always found different answers from different students. Some students say the paper was easy, some say it was hard while some say difficulty level was average. Now tell me, whom do you believe?

Difficulty level totally depends on your preparation. If you are prepared well the most probably you will find the question paper easy to solve. Questions that consume more time can be considered as hard.

But still, after asking many students, we can conclude that the paper was of medium difficulty. That means, if you have prepared very well, then you shouldn’t find the questions that difficult. But as I have already said, different students must have different opinions. So tell me what your opinion is in the comment section.

CBSE Maths Answer Key

We will update the official CBSE Maths answer key instantly after CBSE Releases it. If you think CBSE has officially released its answer key then please contact us. But as of now, there is no news of the official Answer key of Math

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CBSE Class 10 MATHS Question Paper 2021 With Answers

Many students do not only want the Answer key, but they also want the whole question paper. The reason behind it is the Answer key only shows you the answer to the question number, not the whole question. It is hard for a student to remember which question was assigned to which number. That is why it sometimes becomes hard for students to find out if they have chosen the correct option for that question or not?

So to avoid this problem, students search for “CBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2021 With Answers”. It helps them to recall the question and answers. If you are finding for Mathematics Question Paper then do not worry, we have collected it for you.

Even if we do not have some question sets, you can check the answers to some questions as many questions are the same in all SET papers(But randomly arranged in different SETs). You can download/View the Question Paper PDF of Maths by clicking on the links below

CBSE Maths Answer Key Class 10 2021

Now let us discuss the main topic. We have posted the CBSE Maths answer key. If you think we have made some mistake, then you can share your thoughts in the comment section

Sr. No.Answer Sr. No. Answer Sr. No. Answer

Why Should you Check Answer Key of Maths Class 10?

Well, the answer to this question is quite subjective. Personally, I think you should never check CBSE Answer Key just after completing your exam. Suppose, you check the answer key after completing your exam and you realize that you have answered some questions. What will you do? Most probably you will be sad and regret one thing you cannot change and it is human nature.

That is why, if you know there is a chance of regret then why check the answers? You cannot change your answer but still, you will get sad which can affect your future exams. So you may ask what is the point of publishing the CBSE Answer Key of Maths class 10, well you can check your answers after your whole exam gets over. You may not remember the questions but you can download the Question Paper.

Even sometimes, the unofficial answer key of CBSE is not the same as an official answer key. So sometimes experts can be wrong while you can be right. It is better to wait for your all subject exam to get over and the official CBSE Answer Key of Maths Term 1

What Was the Syllabus?

If you have given the exam then you know the syllabus but still, it is my job to remind you what was the syllabus. According to my analytics, random age group people also visit our site to check Sample Papers, Marking Scheme, Answer Key, etc. Maybe it’s because they want to check the answers of their child, brother, sister, etc.

Even sometimes I check the SQP and Answer Key to check the exam pattern difference. That is why, to satisfy almost all age groups, we need to publish details like the syllabus even after the exam is over. Before looking at the syllabus, let us check the course structure:-

Course/Marking Structure for Theory

UnitsUnit Name (Term-1)Marks
1Number Systems6
3Coordinate Geometry6
7Probability & Statistics3
Total Theory Mark40
Internal Assessment10

Marking Structure for Internal Assessment

Internal AssessmentMarks
Student Enrichment Activities | Practical Work3
Periodic Tests3
Multiple Assessments2
Total Internal Assessment Marks3+3+2+2=10

Syllabus of CBSE Class 10 Maths Answer Key

Unit 1: Number System
Real Number
Unit 2: Algebra:
Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
Unit 3: Coordinate Geometry:
Coordinate Geometry
Unit 4: Geometry:
Unit 5: Trigonometry:
Introduction to Trignometry
Unit 6: Mensuration:
Areas Related To Circles
Unit 7: Probability & Statistics:
Total Chapters-

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