CBSE Class 10th Term 1 Exam – Study tips for last minute preparation

CBSE Class 10th Term 1

So it’s that time of the year again, the very stressful times for students who are going to / appearing CBSE class 10th term 1 board exams. But worry not, good preparation and being confident will surely help you succeed with flying colors. If you are still worried about your preparation strategies, Here are some helpful last-minute study tips that might help you to build that confidence again.

There are many efficient ways to go through this last phase of studying and we provide you with some of the best ones that we know work well.

First of all, you have to get ready to sacrifice some stuff, to begin with. It’s high time to finally understand the value of time and use it as efficiently as possible. So from today onwards, you have to get rid of all the detractions like social media, watching television or hanging out with friends. It’s time that you become selfish for your own good. Once you get rid of all these, you can finally set your mind to study as efficiently as possible.

Here are some helpful study tips for last-minute revision for CBSE Class 10th Term 1 Exam

The thing that helps the most during the last minute is concentration, optimism, and the never-give-up attitude. This is high time to have the confidence to study well.

Make a Time Table:

If you want to study effectively, you must have a timetable to divide your time into your weaknesses and strengths. you have to give more time to your weaknesses to balance out your strengths. For example, if you are weak at maths but good at English, you have to pay more attention to maths and to do that you need to have a structured way to spend your time in each subject.

Everyone has different perspectives and views on a timetable so we encourage you to make your timetable based on your daily life and the official timetable of CBSE Class 10th Term 1. And we also encourage you to find your strengths and weaknesses before starting. But here’s a template that you can use for reference.

Time to give each subjectSubject name
30 mins after you wake up till 2 hrsweaker subject
30 mins break
another 2 hrs weaker subject
15 mins break
another 1 hrstronger subject

You can follow this trend of studying 2 weaker subjects and then a stronger subject which is proven to be quite effective. Breaks are also important and during the breaks, try to stay away from social media and try to put collect your thoughts and get ready for the next study session.

How to improve your concentration and avoid distraction:

When it comes to improving your concentration, you can do several things like exercises and meditations. But the most effective way is staying away from distractions like smartphones and television. During the last few days, turn off your phone completely and only use it when it’s really necessary. You will see the results easily when you avoid distractions like a pro. The thing to remember is to study smartly and not spend too much time on one single thing.

It’s also important to know the proper syllabus for CBSE Class 10th Term 1 examination as there are many changes since last year and it’s more easier to get good marks now. All you have to do is follow the above rules and make a time table for yourself.

Final verdict – Some Motivation to excel CBSE Class 10th Term 1:

If you have read till here, it means that you are serious about your studies and your future which is all dependent on you. If you are feeling down or you don’t have enough confidence, it’s high time you get some motivation. Think about your future endeavors and think about the things that will bring you happiness once it’s all over. Here’s a word of advice from one of the best teachers. Click here

At last, we wish you the best of luck for your CBSE Class 10th Term 1 Examination. You are the best one out there and you can prove it to everyone. Don’t ever lose hope and keep learning everyday to improve yourself. Keep studying, All The Very Best!

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